Posted by: John | April 9, 2009

Lynne has demeaned herself over lapdancing clubs

.It was all going so well until you demeaned yourself in my opinion regarding that lapdancing club.

I watched the video and saw the blogs about it yet I’m still none the wiser why the area is `unsuitable`.

For the record I’ve absolutely no intentions of going to a lap dancing club as I’m not heterosexual and I’d rather have the real thing (and don’t have to pay for it!).

However, I have no intention of depriving others of this – if men carrying round huge libidos want to squander hard earned cash in such a way more fool them.

Lynne, your intellect was prized when it came to `Baby P` and the Control Orders yet you seem to have become ashamedly populist when it comes to lapdancing clubs.

So can you explain why you think this application for a perfectly legal establishment shouldn’t be built in such a place and where WOULD be a good place for it?



  1. hear, hear. I thought we were a liberal party. To oppose someone going about a legal buisiness needs a damn good reason.

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