Posted by: John | April 8, 2009

Tim Perkins lol

I used to know Tim casually and he always came across as a sane bloke. What’s happened to him?

He defected in 2007 as a Lib Dem Cllr to the Tories and stood in his old seat coming third.

Now he’s in the Liberal Party.

Will we be welcoming him back?


  1. Tim seems to have some pretty sound ideas, but on the Unofficial Liberal party forum all his responses seem to involve a dig at the Lib Dems – others are more accommodating. I sense localised factors contributed to Tim’s departure from the LD’s as much as policy differences. Like myself, he is no fan of Nick Clegg, although I concede he is starting at last to have SOME impact, but is hugely overshadowed by Vince Cable.

    As a left leaning Lib Dem I watch with interest the progress of our fellow Liberals. It’s a pity their influence, activity, geographical reach and membership is minimal.

  2. I met tim but sadly had little time to work with my opionion it was a sad loss for the salford libs when he left

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