Posted by: John | April 8, 2009

Has the ACA helped cost us the recession?

I’m posing a theory here:

1. MPs (particularly of the governing party) due to the ACA have had a vested interest in keeping house prices moving upwards. The more they rose the greater their little perk was of buying a house on the tax in London so that they can sell it on later.

Given the venal nature of Smith/Hoon/Cohen/Brown/Darling et al what actual incentive was there to order King to put house prices as part of the inflation indices. It’s curious that one of the most important things that someone buys (a home) should not be part of these indices.

It couldn’t be that Brown saw a double-whammy? Rising prices make people feel more prosperous thus more votes in the bank. They also help his ACA when he had a grace and favour apartment. The more they go up the more this unreasonable entitlement is hidden.

If I were Nick I’d tell Lib Dem MPs to sell their second homes and rent a flat instead giving precise ceilings (£1200 a month?) and challenge  Cameron and Brown to do likewise.

I will be looking very closely at our own MPs ACA now – those that claim the least (when they are entitled to) will be getting my support. Any Lib Dem MP who thinks the ACA is for buying a property and not renting need to reconsider their values in my opinion.


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