Posted by: John | April 7, 2009

MPs don’t need to wait until December

I see our dear leader Gordon Brown with his grace and favour apartment (which I don’t begrudge him) and his second home allowance in Dunfermline is saying `let’s wait until the CPSL has made its report`.

Funny that, it hasn’t stopped the 6 Lib Dem London MPs from acting honourably without someone telling them what to do.

Is that the problem with the Red/Blue parties and ourselves – we don’t have to rely on someone telling us what constraints to make as we do so out of constraint and public duty? It’s a bit like the difference between someone who does things `because the church tells them to` and those that thinks for themselves.

No, it’s best if our MPs ensure that they are squeaky clean and put information to people that shows that they have acted reasonably and others can do the same NOW not in the future. If any of our MPs are not acting reasonably then I suggest they do something about it NOW before they let the side down!

As for those that say we can’t use the expenses issue politically – either nationally or in their own constituencies my advice from the polling that I do every week is that the work is being done for you – or rather against you – by the other parties who are all too happy to make out and reflect the prevailing wind `we’re all in it together` or `you’re all the same`.

Any MP that doesn’t see the allegorical weight of this issue should get out of politics. That’s how serious it all is.


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