Posted by: John | April 6, 2009

Good people will always find a way – Vince would like it!

There’s a good reason for optimism when the subject of prejudice and injustice rears its head.

Human beings tend to be both practical and social to secure social progress. And the the much-maligned t’internet is the tool that’s being used.

A couple of weeks ago I overheard a conversation that went along these lines `Oh my Mum’s made a whole lot of new friends since Dad died – some internet site called meetup`. I’m bored of JUST going to LGBT things so I looked up manchester meetups on Google.

That took me on Saturday to the Cornerhouse arthouse cinema for the weekly Manchester Film Group. After watching Religulous (there’s a choice of two films every week and the other film was Genova that I’m seeing on Thursday) we all decamped to `Odder bar` a few minutes walk away. Thus 30 people ranging from 18 to 41 (I was the oldest!) chatted about the films and life, the universe and everything. The interesting thing was that the cost of the site’s subscription was subsidised by `Odder` whose quid pro quo was about 30 people would have reserved seating and spend a whole lot of dough!

Later on I made my way to my favourite Chinese eatery when I’m alone and while busy eating who should arrive but about 18 members of the TV/TS community. And amongst them all was my friend Jane Maybe whose blog is well worth a read.

Another internet success, these people met originally `through the grapevine` then of course Facebook kicked in. One of their number is a dance instructor. Thus the deal was struck – the Chinese eatery gained 18 covers in return for the free hire of an empty ballroom downstairs for a session of waltzes, foxtrots and tangos! Liberalism in action – Prejudice quashed, the free enterprise system in lock step with progress.

Perhaps they should ask Vince for a turn!

How things have changed in 30 years.


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