Posted by: John | April 5, 2009

FPTP gave BNP the casting vote!

Our opponents always say things like `if you have PR you’ll let minority parties have too big a say` (actually it just keeps larger parties on their toes and sharpens up their message) or `with PR you’ll let the BNP in` (as if we should have a system that excludes a registered political party).

Well, the answer should be `If you have FPTP you can also give the BNP a casting vote`! To cap it all the Tory leader defected to Labour reversing what he said a week before.

Perhaps those that want to keep FPTP should answer the following question:

If you’re system is so good why not ensure that any elected representative that defects to another party or becomes Independent has to face a byelection? Oh of course they don’t want to go there, do they?


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