Posted by: John | April 3, 2009

It’s public service, stupid!

If any interview or event symbolised the complete moral vaccuum of the financial aristocracy it was the one today by Sir Philip Hampton on the Today prog stating `stop floggin RBS`. When questioned about Goodwin’s (sorry I don’t respect him enough to call him Sir) huge pension he suggested it was just a kind of logical flow from the Board keeping him on `temporarily for his expertise`.

No, they should have just sacked him and if he’d wanted to help out he could have done it for expenses ie about £20 a day as a penance. You see that’s the difference between ordinary people and the financial psychopaths that have led us astray – ordinary people are happy to `muck in` either as volunteers or if they’d failed at such an astonishing level shame would have kicked in and they’d have made amends or simply resigned; psychopaths self-justify (`oh it was one mistake`) and thus feel that they are entitled to amass as much money for them and their families as possible.



  1. I take it you expressed your lack of approval for Sir Fred back before it became fashionable to do so 🙂

    Personally I don’t think anything he has done is remotely to be compared with cutting open thousands of living teenagers to steal thier body organs – something which all Lib Dem activists support.

    Obviously no decent human being would support such acts even by, for example, helping the perpetrators by censoring it – as you do.

    By my human standards it is thus impossible for anybody to say a word against Sir fred until they have said 10,000 against you & your racist party.

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