Posted by: John | March 31, 2009

I despair of the BBC: I/m F***ing fuming!

I don’t know if anyone else just watched the article on MPs’ expenses on `The Daily Politics` or should that be `The Daily dump on all politicians`.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a sensationalist, ignorant and dumbed-down article.

When is this Party going to realise that the BBC is not giving us a fair crack of the whip and DEMAND equality not just of the `bad news` but of the good.

The article didn’t distinguish the necessary expenditure like staff and travel and the obscene expenditure made by the bad apples.

It then commented: `the Lib Dems had the highest average of the three main parties`. `Oh,and it might be because of the travel costs as they have constituencies further away` they added. `What travel costs?` a viewer might think, `you didn’t say anything about that before`.

Of course it didn’t once say that not one single Lib Dem MPs in Greater London claim the ACA!

Oh no – that would be against the BBC’s agenda – keep the binary narrative flying and dump on the Lib Dems from a great height with distorted figures and lack of policy detail as much as possible.

Then they read out a letter from a viewer who says `I’m not voting next time, a plague on all their houses`. Is it any surprise with the paucity of education of our democratic system both within our schools and on the media.

Let’s face it £93 million isn’t that expensive for 600 odd MPs when you factor in staffing (like it or not there’s not a tonne of volunteers willing to give up day jobs and claiming benefit to do these things), travel (not easy to walk from Stockport to London!) and stationery etc and of course the cost for the office itself.

That being said reforms should be made to ACA and various other wheezes that MPs find to get around the rules.

One thing to note – would these abuses be so great if Labour and Tory constituency parties weren’t so supine?


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