Posted by: John | March 29, 2009

Mandelson’s grubby hands over ACA spin?

I can only assume that the media outlets have fallen into line with Mandelson over the Jacqui Smith affair. Mr Quist quite rightly pointed out the futility of the tittle-tattle regarding the two vids.

The story the BBC and ITV (a guy on OUTeverywhere pointed this out) SHOULD be emphasising is the one about Harry Cohen and his main home that he states is his mobile home near Colchester.

We should be demanding that Leyton Labour (they haven’t covered themselves with glory with the Miranda Grell homophobia affair) deselect him. Yes I know we can’t demand it – however, there can’t be a lack of candidates wanting to stand for Labour in Leyton even now. We must put pressure on the local parties (just as pressure was put on us over Winchester). Certainly Leyton and Brent Central Labour Parties should be in our firing line – what about also some of those Tory MPs like Angela Watkinson for Upminster or Mike Gapes for Ilford South?

The point to make is that political parties should be fair but flexible enough to change horses midstream when there is danger of an MP really not playing by the ethical rules that that party deems fit. What Harry Cohen has done is completely unethical and it should exercise the brains of Leyton Labour. If it does not then we should ask whether Leyton Labour is fit for purpose to put forward a candidate that meets normal expectations.



  1. I can’t say I’m entirely convinced that there’s devious Government plot to have a senior minister face the firing squad just to distract attention from a less-than-totally-loyal backbencher.

  2. I maintain my innocence and continue to fight to clear my name. Once I do I shall be seeking a retraction from you and the removal of my name from this article. Best wishes. Miranda Grell

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