Posted by: John | March 29, 2009

ACA is an allegory for MPs arrogance – time for deselections?

That is why it’s such an issue – people think that London MPs at least if not those just outside it should do what THEY have to do – use public transport to get to work.

They may be happy for taxi bills from the terminus to Westminster say or the odd 3* hotel bill when working late. That’s not the same as claiming for a capital gain that they don’t actually need.

As Ed Davey said `I couldn’t look my constituents in the eye working the hours I do and then claiming for a pad in Westminster`. And that, ladies and gentlemen, sums it up. Cohen, Butler et al didn’t think it would ever be noticed. They’re MPs you see, huff puff, important people that need important things that the little people don’t have.

After all, they thought Labour were masters of the Universe, or at least knew how to get taxes out of them. They were going to give people a land of milk and honey and apple pies for ever and ever. When people were eating their apple pies they wouldn’t mind MPs eating lots of caviar and champagne. The tories with snouts in the trough thought `Labour are just going to coast along on this Economy so I might as well eat caviar too`.

Unfortunately for them the Economy has worked out the opposite and the public don’t see it that way.

The important point then is this:

Will the local membership of their parties deselect them? With the latest revelations let’s face it Cohen’s a `dead man` politically speaking as is Butler. There must be a queue of Labour applicants wanting to be adopted by an eager constituency as a `fresh face` in Brent South or Leyton. Or perhaps there isn’t. Time for us to find out?

We should put pressure on these local parties to deselect them – from a position of strength as a party that declined to have what we were entitled to because it wasn’t ethical!


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