Posted by: John | March 24, 2009

Tory Lord: Tax havens keep UK on its toes!

What is going on in politics is nothing short of remarkable. People are rethinking the whole basis on who and why to cast votes not just looking at policies but how those parties perform as regards their first instincts and flexibility. The real problem for the Tories is that people don’t regard them as being `on the ball` so to speak – things that are right for long-term thinking are quickly produced and vice-versa.

Take the IHT problem – the real problem is that it was the Tories FIRST INSTINCTS as the way to get at Gordon Brown.

I’m surprised though that the following from the Tory Lord Waddington that was said yesterday in the Lords hasn’t been picked up. He was questioning a Labour minister:

`Do not in fact tax havens create some element of tax competition and to that extent form a useful purpose exerting some pressure on spendthrift governments to moderating their demands on business in particular?`

First the idea of conflating Monaco with Manchester is gob-smacking. Do people really think like this AFTER all that’s gone on lately and the bailout of PRIVATE banks with these tax havens probably complicit?


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