Posted by: John | March 20, 2009

Totally dumbfounded at new Labour Conservatism

It’s not often I feel totally dumbstruck by a reply to a thread I contribute to on OUTeverywhere (LGBT social networking site) but felt I had to share as it might shed light as to where we are going in this Country on civil liberties.

I posted a thread regarding the trainspotter who was declared a `security risk` by Virgin Trains at Macclesfield Station (see earlier post on here).

I said that it wasn’t so much the policy (which I believe the employee got wrong) as the heavy-handedness of it all as well as the fact that she was so caught up in the paranoia of the `war on terror` that she couldn’t use common sense to follow it all through and ask relevant questions as to why a terrorist would act in such a transparent fashion.

For me it was the attitude that lied behind the provocation – ie the assumption that we need to curtail peoples freedoms to the nth degree just to be absolutely and totally sure that we can protect ourselves. There seemed to be no risk analysis or thought through process – it was a knee-jerk reaction.

It almost seems that Labour are deliberately pandering to the most paranoid and thought-free people in our society.

As a response to this thread the most virulently pro-Labour and pro Gordon Brown person wrote this:

I find the contradictions in your political positions amazing.

On the one hand you criticise Gordon Brown for failing to predict the current financial crisis, and for failing to take action to stop it from happening, even though no other government on the entire planet did so.

And yet when precautions are taken to prevent a terrorist outrage which might kill hundreds of people, you criticise the government for that as well suggesting that they are being overzealous.

You cant have it both ways: you cant expect the government to be able to forsee and prevent disasters on the one hand, and then condemn it for doing that very same thing.

They then went on to say:

Your political posturing is absurd.

You could have asked very similar questions about banks. Most experts would have put the collapse of a high street bank as a hundred million to one. Yet you expect the government to be able to predict years in advance and take action to prevent a financial crisis which no other government in the world predicted.

Then when the government precautionary measures against terrorists, -statistically more likely to happen than the collapse of a High Street Bank you condemn them for that.

I know that this man is on the extremely loyal wing of Labour yet you don’t have to dig too hard to see why they may be putting forward policies on ID cards etc. These paranoid personalities that compare a trainspotter with 7/7 are running Labour party policy as Labour need to keep hold of them or at least throw them some meat.

This minority group they pander to can’t see that the Government can’t protect us 100% of the time – as I said in my reply if someone wants to blow me up as I walk out the front door and the authorities don’t know about it then there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

To me it’s like a personality flaw that has to be pandered to by Labour – keep the paranoia going. It’s a new Conservatism – whereas it used to be Empire, Queen and country, stiff upper lip and `keep out the Russkies` that’s just been interchanged with Iraq, `war on terror`, 1000% Health and Safety and protection from bombs (or whatever’s the most politically the most advantageous thing at the time).

It’s all political – and we’re all going to have to pay.

Of course the absurdity of his banking argument I soon shot down with about ten URL links after 5 minutes searching Google!

Completely deluded, delusional and paranoid – that’s the engine that’s running new Labour domestic policy.



  1. See, I don’t want or expect Governments to predict and prevent financial disasters either. This Labour drone might be borderline delusional, but the contradiction he highlights is valid.

  2. Hi John
    i like your blog you think like i do sometimes with your observations on the current rabble in power.i dont watch the news or read the news any more its just goverment spin,spin & more spin.keep the people scared to keep them in power and it diverts fron the real issues like lack of funding for public services.whereas the defence budget is huge fighting well who ?
    also brown has a lot to answer for the current finacial mess he was the one who deregulated the markets even further many years ago.
    i work with some hardend labour supporters and even they dont want to support them now.but who is left i dont see much of a choice these days ?
    i just wish politicans woud tell the truth occasionally and not spin everyhing into a PR stunt.

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