Posted by: John | March 20, 2009

The machine’s gone Kapput!

Watching the Labour Party is rather like watching a completely hapless disaster-prone  employee that doesn’t understand the consequences of their own actions.

This employees’ latest action is to press the wrong button on the machine that has stopped the whole system working. In a schizoprenic state alternating between paralysis and as many ideas as possible (however ineffectual) to try and put himself in a better light to the other parties who are in the guise of two middle managers whom are debating as to how to work out a solution in the future. Each day it’s `oh no, not another `Brownie“ .`Brownie` can’t even delegate the right people to do the jobs properly.

In fact the performance of `Brown` is so dangerously incompetent that everyone is just looking on to see when they can legally sack  him.

The only good idea he’s had is trying to collaborate with other companies to work out best solutions. This they accept is a way he can make amends for lack of proper action in the past.

Meanwhile the workforce is wondering whether the man with the blue tie will be the new overseer or whether he’ll have to go into collaboration with the people in yellow ties.


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