Posted by: John | March 15, 2009

How many BNP `liars, buggers and thieves` are there?

In some ways I find it amusing that the BNP have a website called this because using their words:

A favourite trick of liberal-leftwing interviewers when losing an argument with BNP spokesmen is to start banging on about “BNP criminals.” So here is a list of Tory, Lib Dem and Labour criminals.

Err, the problem with that argument is that it’s like saying that there’s a lot more wine drunk in the UK than there is in Denmark – there’s bound to be as there’s more people (by a factor of about 12) in the UK.

First of all it’s not a trick when `losing an argument` as there ARE people involved in the BNP who have been convicted of serious criminal offences – it’s the scale that is important.

Politicians are not some alien breed – they are simply people. People have flaws some of which are more serious than others.

I suppose there are two sorts of scandals involving Councillors – the type where a serious offence has been made where there’s a direct victim and the other type where a victim, if there is one, is of a tangential nature or completely victimless. So interested are the BNP in trying to deflect attention from their own record they conflate these two things together – thus for them someone who has committed serious fraud or committing physical violence is as bad as someone found in a public toilet engaging in an act of fellatio (on another man).

The interesting point here is that there are THOUSANDS of mainstream, Green and Independent Cllrs whose lives are no more scandalous than the rest of the general public (probably less so). The percentage (I note that they have publicised 160 cases for the three main parties) I would hazard a guess is miniscule.

I wonder whether the rate for BNP cllrs and candidates would be worse? Is someone taking numbers? Hint Hint Searchlight or some other organisation should do some number-crunching!



  1. methinks you protest too much.

  2. This comment on the BNP’s list of ‘Liars, Buggers and Thieves’ is rather missing the point. First, the list compiled by the BNP or their fellow travellers is a rather big one and nobody seems to have sued them for slander/libel so it would appear this compilation of regional news cuttings about the crimes committed by local mainstream politicians and party members is accurate. Secondly, the offences recorded are far from minor and for some reason, the blogger seems to think there is a difference between crimes which have a direct victim and ‘tangential’ crimes which are ‘victimless.’ By implication, the blogger proposes the BNP’s crimes are a lot worse etc etc than establishment party members ‘going into toilets to engage’ in public sex acts or fraud for instance. Every time an elected councillor is arrested and convicted of a criminal offence including drunk driving, benefit fraud, indecent behaviour and a whole range of ‘tangential’ crimes (LOL), the PUBLIC are victims because their elected representatives bring their public office into disrepute. The whole tenor of the response above and the risible attempt in ‘rationalising’ crime at different levels – one for the BNP (‘Nasty’ crime) and non-BNP politicians’ crimes (Coke Lite Crime) is THE PROBLEM – it’s called DENIAL. No wonder the likes of the BNP and now UKIP Have flourished in this country in recent years and now represent an electoral bloc which may have reached a permanent 10%+ presence in elections. With people like this blogging and dismissing the DISGRACEFUL catalogue of crimes, offences, frauds, assaults, dishonest behaviour, child porn, sexual assaults as ‘tangential’, the BNP must think it’s Christmas Day every day. YOU JUST DON’T GET IT. The people DON’T WANT their elected councillors engaging in public sex acts in the way you describe (and please grow up and realise that objections to it are not ‘anti-Gay’ because loads of Gay men don’t like it either), the public don’t want them looking at child porn, assaulting people, claiming money they are not entitled to, employing illegal immigrants and doing AS REPORTED in the BNP’s list. Local politicians have themselves to blame when they behave in this way, the BNP would not be able to compile these lists if there were no convictions for what has happened out there. Take your head out of the Establishment Cloud and just admit it’s WRONG and then try to influence some of your mates to KICK OUT the bad apples.

    • and breathe…….

      • If this is meant to be supportive, fine but if it isn’t, it seems to sum up the problem @John

      • The problem is in your head. What I’m suggesting is that BNP cllrs at the time of posting had a higher percentage of serious offences than other parties. I’m not excusing `cottaging` I’m just suggesting that the `holier than thou` attitudes of the BNP didn’t reflect behaviour and asking for the figures? Do you know them?

  3. And I guess you don’t include Cyril Smith LIBERAL MP in the people who ought to be ignored huh? Another liberal establishment cover up.

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