Posted by: John | March 12, 2009

11% swing from Labour in Rainhill by-election

Most people know of Rainhill as the site where trials took place of Stephenson’s `Rocket`.

The now much larger settlement was the place of a by-election last night at which the Party produced a swing of 11% from Labour to Lib Dem.

This is even better than it looks as the Rainhill Labour lot are very organised and have probably one of the best political websites in the UK that reflects their level of smartness and commitment in the area.



  1. it was a great result and the Lib Dems will now surely be targetting Rainford & Windle to ensure they are teh largest party on the Council – the tories are such suckers

  2. actually the LDs thought they had it in the bag.Take away the substantial personal vote of the deceased former Labour Councillor in the area and it’s Labour’s best ever vote in Rainhill-higher than they normally achieve. Quite something for a bi-election with a third term Labour government.The Lds as such don’t exist in Rainhill, their campaign was run by councilloers from a neighbouring ward, something which is much harder to do in routine council elections.I suspect an attempt to persude Tories to switch in those circumstances will be much more difficult.

  3. Really – I’m intimately involved in many of these by-elections and had a good chuckle at one of your comments. You have to admit that an 11% swing against Labour when Rainhill Labour have one of the best political websites in the country and one of the best local machines in the country is a good result.

    The fact that they don’t exist in Rainhill seems to suggest that the result is even better than I thought. btw has Denise Aspinall gone up in a puff of smoke.

    The other interesting result was that in Parr there was a good swing too with only one leaflet going out and no knocking up.

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