Posted by: John | March 9, 2009

BNP in agony after Carlisle Castle election

Just goes to show the paranoia of the BNP – their sort of politics seems to attract that type of personality – when you consider their post mortem of the Carlisle Castle by-election.

The reality was just SO different. The reason our literature worked in the last week was that people even when they were really hurting didn’t want the BNP. They turned to the best party to defeat them. Time and again I heard `not sure about any party at the moment but NOT THE BNP`.

So we see from their complaints on their website that they don’t like it when we say:

“Labour and Tory supporters switching to stop the BNP
What do you make of that then? And with the Tory vote collapsing it looks even more suspect. One wonders if the Tories, who are thick as thieves with the Lib Dems in Carlisle as they are in power share running the city, went along with the Lib Dem con and Labour said yes then didn’t? So we have written proof of the three LibLabCon colluding against the only real opposition- The British National Party! They managed to hold us THIS TIME – BUT THE GLOVES ARE NOW OFF!
Why what are they going to do – force people to the ballot box at gunpoint?
That’s not to say we shouldn’t be worried about them in certain areas as they are a clear threat and have a simple message – the thing is we now have a lot of experience in fighting them and three lessons remain clear:
1. Where they work hard always take them on aggressively – people remember it and it attracts the floating `non-nazi` voters
2. Keep on repeating our messages on the Economy
3. Use the expertise we have nationally – it’s all there – just ask!


  1. I suggest you read ‘ Liberal Fascism’ the new book by Jonah Goldberg who shows convincingly that modern Liberalism, which he argues is more or less the opposite of classical liberalism, is essentially Fascistic.

  2. Really lol – are you a BNP sympathiser?

  3. Vita – I suggest you try reading up on the difference between what we call liberalism in the UK and the liberalism (really socialism) that the book was about. I know it’s complicated when two different things have the same name, but it’s worth the effort.

  4. I wondered what he was getting at

  5. I hope you will allow me to plug my blog and give the carlisle by-election results.

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