Posted by: John | March 8, 2009

Emily Thornberry’s acid drops

This loathsome mealy mouthed woman (MP for Islington South & Finsbury), whose very voice seems to be queuing system of a whole load of anti-Lib Dem cynicism as if it were acid, first challenged Danny Alexander by asking `what are the Lib Dems going to do, Danny, what are their policies?` Danny mentioned a couple of the meaty economic issues to which Emily responded by saying `Vince Cable is a one-man think tank – the Lib Dem policies don’t have a philosophical thread that hangs together, no bookends`.

Right – let’s take a breath there. First, tell me Emily, where that philosophical thread was for Labour in 1997. Next, tell me where that is today and whether new Labour is merely doing nothing more than cleaning up its own mess as if it was a narrative.


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