Posted by: John | March 6, 2009

Still no update on Cumbria BNP site

After the hammering they took in the NW due partly to the fortitude and `bulldog` spirit of the Lib Dems (yes i enjoy copying tabloid styles) I see that the BNP have yet to update their Cumbria Patriot website.

Let’s put it all into perspective – there were two local by-elections and both were defended adequately by both Lib Dems and Tories. The BNP took 397 votes 14.2% of the total.

That’s like me delivering 10 leaflets, a full canvass and streetstalls every weekend (what they claim happened) in a municipal ward where I am in Stockport and achieving the grand sum of 14.2%! Ok not to be sneezed at yet I would have hoped for a whole lot more than that!

I don’t know what work they did in the West Midlands as they seem to be majoring in on that. They know the NW Lib Dems cleared them out of Oldham and Burnley and it looks like they’re clearing them out of Cumbria as well.

Perhaps someone can report on what they got up to in the West Midlands by way of campaigning.

One thing’s for sure – NOT challenging them is a huge mistake!

As for the spin on their national website it says `Mission Accomplished`. Wow! You’d think they had actually won something!

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