Posted by: John | March 4, 2009

Labour myopic on Manchester jobs issue

I’ve heard that Cllr Peter Scott local Labour leader told the last Full Council that Stockport was wanting `Stockport jobs for Stockport people`. This is odd as his reply to me regarding the fact that Stockport residents are refused the right to apply for range 1-3 jobs at Manchester City Council states that he wishes Stockport Lib Dems would do more!

Personally I think that Stockport Labour knew about the issue for years and as long as no-one raised it then that was OK with them – they mustn’t rock the boat with their colleagues in Manchester. This comes at a difficult time for them when at that same meeting they refused to put forward any budget proposals and are having their national narrative being strenuously eroded by the Goodwin/Myners fiasco (not to mention unemployment and their light regulation in the past).

A letter from Labour Cllr Bailey last week to the local paper said i was being a `busy little bee` writing letters to the press and popping up asking questions in the public gallery.

I have responded by saying that instead of attacking ordinary members of the public perhaps the Stockport Labour crowd can answer some questions:

1. Is it fair that in a deep recession Stockport people are given fewer choices than their Manchester counterparts? (in fact they exclude ANYONE not just Stockport people).

2. What would happen if every Council did the same?

3. Coun Peter Scott apparently knows the blanket ban has questionable legality – what do they think of this?

4. Does Coun Scott agree that it should be extended?

5. How long will such a scheme be running – who will decide how long it lasts?

Cllr Scott indicated in his response that the scheme is challengeable – it is only so if you come under the Equal Rights Commission’s list of people whom they assist. I think this is a dangerous precedent in these difficult times.

However, I do come under their list of people so I have asked whether or not they can look into the issue! I guess not as the community of which I’m a part is disparate (unlike say Soho or Southwark) but whatever I must ask the question to Cllr Scott – how does one challenge it if the Equal Rights Commission won’t take it up?


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