Posted by: John | March 2, 2009

Why hasn’t Lord Myners been sacked?

This is the REAL current scandal – why hasn’t someone who was so asleep at the wheel that he’s cost the taxpayer £13m, unless of course the Govt does the illiberal thing of creating retrospective legislation `to appease the court of public opinion`, not been sacked.

It couldn’t be to do with him donating £12,700 to Gordon Brown’s leadership campaign could it? Or perhaps it’s to do with the fact that he was part of hedge-fund managers GLG. They were found to be the major `shorters` of Bradford & Bingley and Northern Rock. Conflict of interest?

The first fact is ridiculous and shows how crazy it all is – Gordon was coronated! The second fact is worrying in that it shows a kind of ambivalence to the taxpayer at the least.

No wonder Gordon won’t sack him!


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