Posted by: John | February 28, 2009

The `outsiders` in society

I didn’t know that Patricia Highsmith was herself a Lesbian and carried snails around in her bra. As a US citizen in the 50s she had to be constantly on her guard lest she be `outed` as a Lesbian and indeed having Communist sympathies.

I sometimes wonder whether `outsiders` can be split into two groups – those that are eccentric and those that are not. For instance a serial killer is an `outsider` though can pose as being in the `mainstream` though one wouldn’t want to laud him or her.

Eccentric though I don’t think is always a strong enough word for who I am – I am a Liberal Democrat instinctively and emotionally and perhaps psychologically. However, more than that my mind is always thinking `Isn’t there something more than what I’ve been told?` or `Isn’t that just the tramline thinking of the system or should the whole idea be turned around`.

I think that is what sets apart people that are `outsiders` – we ask questions and are never satisfied until the truth is revealed.


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