Posted by: John | February 28, 2009

Israel and Georgia and Eurovision

Georgia are putting in an entry that thumbs its nose at Putin while Jonathan Fryer wrote on his blog about the duo between an Israeli and Palestinian.

The problem for Georgia is the song isn’t very high quality and this year juries make up 50% of the votes. The problem for Israel is that no-one likes them and simply having this duo may simply lift the song with a few points – still, I look forward to hearing it.

So you see there IS political voting – however, it isn’t as you imagine. Casual observers always think that `it’s all political voting and you have to come from the Eastern block and fringes to win`. No you don’t – Dima Bilan would never have won last year if he hadn’t been a pop superstar anyway and had a great song and performance that tracked the Eurovision genre – it was a classic twist of modernity and tradition. In Eurovision you have to follow a set trend – ie Lordi in 2007 won with a rock song after Wigwam came 6th in 2005.


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