Posted by: John | February 11, 2009

A new name for DELGA?

The question on everyone’s lips – forget the Economy or Bailouts it’s whether DELGA (Democrats for Lesbian and Gay action) should be changed to LGBT Lib Dems!

I’m completely  torn – DELGA is well-known and trips off the tongue and I do have difficulty with one of the reasons for not changing it `LGBT is politically correct jargon` (well not really it just means it’s inclusive). I’ve never really seen any anti-bi or anti-trans behaviour but then I haven’t been to many recent meetings.

On the other hand the lot that want to change it say `New members will find us more easily`. Is it really that difficult in these internet days for people desperate to find the SAO that they can’t wait to join or contact?

As an exercise I googled `Lib Dem gays` and the third entry was for DELGA. Typing `transexual Lib Dems`puts it to the top of the list!

There’s though one part of me that would feel slightly guilty thinking about my TS acquaintances if I voted for the DELGA option.




  1. Lib Dem Degenerates? I would suggest “that weird bunch in the corner” but ALDES got it first 🙂

    For what it’s worth, I vote for change. Like it or not, LGBT is the standard that everyone recognises.

  2. How about LILGA?

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