Posted by: John | February 10, 2009

Next scandal: Andy Hornby



In September 2008 he led HBOS to near-bankruptcy and the bank agreed to be taken over by rival Lloyds TSB. In October 2008 he was forced by the government to resign his position after the merger, however he would stay on as a consultant to the Lloyds Banking Group for a fee of £60,000 per month.


Then there is Andy Hornby, formerly known as the Boy Wonder. He was likeable, clever and commercially minded – he studied English at Oxford, went on to top a year of 800 at Harvard Business School, was crazy about football minnows Bristol City and made a star of Howard the singing bank clerk in the Halifax commercials. Hornby was adored in the City until he took HBOS on a suicide run. Three months ago the government ordered him to stand down when it rescued HBOS. Yet, astonishingly, he has stayed as a consultant – at £60,000 a month.

I wonder what Charlotte’s thinking in her free market bubble!

Furthermore is the taxpayer paying for it!


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