Posted by: John | February 8, 2009

Cowley Street: Keep pressing on!

People in Cowley Street this is not the time to take the foot off the pedal. There’s been much work done in getting our people across on the BBC. Today I’ve put in another complaint regarding the main 12pm news on R4 – no Vince Cable! We’ve reached 22% (means about 19% without the GE coverage?).

There’s a developing trend – Cable/Clegg voters – these come from the Not Voting column and I can only put this down to both Vince and Nick and the way we’ve tackled the media.

Now is the time to start `the Third Narrative` – ensuring that three narratives are presented not just 2 and a bit!



  1. ARe you telling me CHris Rennard let everyone go home this week at Cowley St? I am sure the hard working PEOPLE who happen to work for the Liberal Democrats in a building in Cowley Street will be greatly heartened by your rallying call. I am sure those few people who work for the party are working as hard as they can for their below market rate wages.
    I am sure we could get more people were we to be raising more money so come on activists lets get fundraising and recruiting, this is not he time to take your foot off the pedal. What you have been doing that this week? Well suprisingly enough I am sure our party staff have also been doing there jobs this week too.

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