Posted by: John | February 8, 2009

Clarification of what I meant

Please be assured that I wasn’t criticising Cowley Street – I was actually congratulating them as we seem to now have a better media presence than at this time in the last cycle!

My advice is not to just Cowley Street but to all Liberal Democrats – a third narrative is developing because we’re fighting for it. This isn’t `soggy third way` stuff  but real analysis, ideas and policy.

This has happened through the sheer doggedness of everyone in the Party.

Ask Hilary Stephenson and Chris Rennard though – or even Andrew Stunnell who’s taking care of the local elections – with Labour on the ropes and people ambivalent to Cameron this is the time to charge forward.

This week I telephone canvassed and put a question to the Leader of the oppositon at Full Council.

Next week I will be practising PagePlus and going on a course in London.



  1. Thanks for the clarification. I have never worked in Cowley Street but I do know many who do – they work hard and often (not always) go beyond the call of duty, as of course also do many of our members around the country.

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