Posted by: John | February 8, 2009

Bankers bonuses

Now let me get this `straight` – the Government wants an independent review of bankers bonuses. I’ve no real problem with a review as long as it was aligned with the bailed out banks being CONTROLLED by the Government on behalf of the taxpayer. Again new Labour attempts to `depoliticise` this issue (as in `It’s all global`) by kicking it away while it should as a controlling interest state its views, use its influence and come to a decision on it.

The thing is this Government is full of lily-livered cowards who confuse Principles with Principal the shop for their spin doctors suits.

Brown/Darling should just take over the bailed out banks and tell them no bonuses for Senior Executives as Nick said.

Furthermore I’m not sure what the reason is for these bonuses. Bonuses I keep on being told are for great performance. Well, if they’re the same people running them they should be giving the taxpayer money not the other way round – if they are new to the bank they haven’t shown what they’re made of or performed!

Again this Government couldn’t run a bath let alone a bank. Best call for my cat Dimara to sort them out – she’d do a better job.


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