Posted by: John | February 6, 2009

It’s a mad mad world

I have just found out that George Hargreaves a fundamentalist preacher has taken out adverts on buses proclaiming the existence of God.

That’s ok – it’s his right as much as the athiests to do the same.

What’s funny is that this character called Green MSP Patrick Harvie a proud bisexual `a Gay fundamentalist` – I don’t know `does it take one to know one!`

What’s even funnier is that he is funding this bus advert campaign on the back of royalties from music that he wrote –  two classic anthems Gay ones `So Macho` and `Cruising` – both classic HiNRG numbers beloved by Gay men from the 80s!

And if you don’t know what Cruising means drop me a line!



  1. Ah, the pleasure of a nice long cruise. Such a shame when the QEII was retired. There was nothing like spending a couple of weeks in the old queen, but now the arabs have got her all to themselves.

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