Posted by: John | February 4, 2009

Rick Wilson is a bit of a prat!

Liberal Democrats like him get my goat  click here – living in Sale I’m sure he has many options open to him that aren’t there in other parts of the UK.

He made a good case for globalisation (there is no REAL alternative unless we ensure each employee applies for jobs on an equal basis within the EU ie addressing the issue of `social dumping`).

He lets himself down by implying that everyone can just get a job whenever they want – any job so to speak. Why doesn’t he take these jobs then? As soon as he says that he will work as a cleaner on NMW having to claim tax credits living in some shithole of a Labour town then I will respect him.

As it stands things are not equal anyway. For instance the Eastern European influx of workers of course are hard working and not just because of culture.

Take for example an ex-neighbour of mine from Slovakia. He worked six days a week while here on NMW or perhaps up to £6.50 an hour and did shifts on the airlines. He had no family and lived in a room next door as part of a houseshare – so including bills the whole thing would come to say 4k a year living costs. Add to that entertainment etc say another 3k. That’s 4k left say to send back to Slovakia. Hang on a bit – at the time that was really about 20k to send back there as Sterling at that time was so much stronger. This money built up enough so that he could afford to buy a house over there which were much cheaper than here. Thus there is no real comparison between what after essentials and entertainment is £25 an hour to £5 an hour!

For Rick Wilson not to understand that is flabbergasting!

A Cllr colleague of mine is on the board of Shopmobility in Stockport – a `meeter and greeter` job came up for 11k pro-rate – there were 200 applicants!

Today I bumped into someone who’s just been made redundant from a printing job. The DWP have really put the pressure on for him to take an NMW job – even though he has done the right thing by saving above a certain amount as well as taking out Employment Protection Insurance with a mutual (but that’s not backdated to the redundancy letter and the process will take a couple of months) which disqualifies him from full JSA. When these people see what they perceive as differential treatment can you blame them for being angry and confused?

So my advice to Rick Wilson is get out into the real world of the working man and woman and speak to those at the sharp end.

Yes the Unions played a blinder – yes we need to resist the BNP but pontificating on the sidelines isn’t going to show that we care or even understand.



  1. Rick Wilson is spot on. I’m just about to lose my job and I fully expect to have to take a pay cut. I’ve done poorly paid jobs in the past and I expect to earn more now but I still accept that it is no one’s fault that I will be out of work.

    By the way, I live in a village in Oxfordshire where, despite the myth-making, there isn’t an abundance of highly paid jobs. In fact there are probably fewer here than in most parts of the country.

    Blaming foreign workers is proto-fascist and the unions should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. This is another reason why I will not join a union – because far from looking after workers’ rights they are too busy playing politics.

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