Posted by: John | February 3, 2009

New Transport Act

Just received an email inviting me an event about the above act.

The Local Transport Act will have a major effect on councils all over the U.K, as councils will play a major part in the implementation of many of the Act’s provisions.

The Act is a key part of the Government’s strategy to meet its improved transport systems commitment, empowering local authorities to take appropriate steps to meet local transport needs in the light of local circumstances.

The Local Transport Act 2008 will look to provide greater flexibility for local and external authorities and alter the future of the local transport planning process.

With this in mind, delegates at this policy forum will have the opportunity to examine the main proposals within the Act, how it will be implemented and how it will affect stakeholders.

So far so good – here in Greater Manchester the topic of Transport has been uppermost in our minds end of last year – indeed it was a focus for the whole country.

I then look to see where the event was – ah yes – Guoman Charing Cross hotel London. `Nuff said!


  1. You have transport outside London? I always thought it was horse and carts travelling along dirt tracks once you got past Oxford.

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