Posted by: John | February 2, 2009

With kind permission from Jane Maybe

Just thought I’d advertise a blog of someone I know.

A couple of weeks ago I met my friend Des from Chippenham (another Gayer) who happens to work with someone that likes `to dress` and become Jill.

Well, I’ve got to know these people and they’re such fun and sometimes a little brave. I first got to know TVs/TS’s through Eurovision fan club when someone called Maurice over time became `Michelle`.

As a Liberal I just want people to be and feel `authentic in their own skin` – allow them to be themselves. Why? If you don’t develop your inner core it’s more difficult to build relationships with those around you as your vulnerabilities can be too strong and there’s the constant psychological `looking over your shoulder`.

So let’s raise a glass to Jane Maybe and HER new blog:



  1. hi john
    lovely to meet you if only briefly ,i see you are active in the stockport area.when i was younger i used to drink around the hazel grove and stockport area’s.
    i see you are into your politics i have an intrest too of though not as much as yours is.
    for me the sooner this lot are out the better for the country but then again at the moment i dont really see a better alternative,vince cable should be your leader i always listen to him .one very astute politian
    well you have made me famous now so step into the world of a transexual who is just getting ready to live her future life in the gender she should be.
    take care
    be lucky
    love jane

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