Posted by: John | February 2, 2009

What’s wrong with BBC `balance` in seven lines

I wrote to the BBC complaining that although Gordon Brown had 20 minutes on Today (that interview with Evan Davies) this opportunity was not extended to either Vince Cable and George Osbourne (I thought I was increasing my chances by adding Osbourne but that doesn’t seem so) as the reply I received was:

`We’re extremely mindful of a need for a balance of opinion on all political matters. To this end, our senior editorial staff, the BBC’s Executive Committee, and the BBC Trust keep a close watch on programmes to ensure that standards of impartiality are maintained.

We have of course heard the views of Mr Osborne and Mr Cable on a variety of BBC broadcasts, but I can’t guarantee an interview of the same format as with the PM on ‘Today’.`

What utter poppycock – if they were so mindful of balance they WOULD have guaranteed such interview. It’s not the format so much as the timing – 20 minutes!

I can never work out if the BBC producers etc are either obfuscating, thick or both.


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