Posted by: John | January 30, 2009

Labour MPs are in different world

My MP Ann Coffey has written a piece in the local press about how the Labour Government are helping people find work that are newly unemployed. It’s all fine and dandy including giving money to the DWP for `rapid response teams` when Woolies closed.

There is a point that isn’t being made – are the new jobs at lower salaries than the old ones? It’s not I realise Ann’s job to ensure that they are –  it should surely be a judgement though on Labour WHETHER they are – is there an indicator?

The real problem with Ann is that she’s nothing more than a new Labour machine on legs.

She even voted for a third runway at Heathrow – despite the fact that it will affect Manchester to expand services as there’s a cap on greenhouse gases! Not only that the Airport is OWNED by the ten local Councils!


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