Posted by: John | January 27, 2009

Posses, pictures and politics

So the last weekend was as fun-packed as usual.

Saturday saw me with colleague Roy Driver for literature delivery in Didsbury West by-election. So many flats both purpose-built and converted you had to double-check the target mail not for the door but for the right flats.

Then on to a `contributory concert` – ie one where the Orchestra plays for free but you contribute to charity – this time it was for sufferers of MND. I was blown away by Spohr’s Clarinet Concerto no 1. Why isn’t this heard more regularly?

Then it was back with two others who had gone there – one of whom it is apparent is doing a lot of personal work on himself regarding alcohol misuse to the extent that he hardly drinks anymore. What changes he was making – that deep-seated anger seemed to have been lifted.

Sunday I `took` an OUTeverywhere posse (LGBT social networking site) at Manchester Art Gallery’s guided tours. One of the paintings was of the pre-raphealite school by Ford Madox Brown called `Work`:

`Work` by Ford Madox Brown

`Work` by Ford Madox Brown

Six people came – three stayed on for coffee – older Gay men who really appreciated I had organised the event.

Then I went on to the Bear bar to see the Gay Gordons – a Manchester-based Scottish Dance troupe who were celebrating Burns night. The fact that a guy I have a serious crush on (but doesn’t fancy me in the same way) was there was sort of poignant. Still the haggis was ace as was the company – and my friend danced the night away like poetry in motion!


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