Posted by: John | January 26, 2009

Withington thoughts

My feeling, simply by looking at the literature in the key by-election of Didsbury West (in Manchester Withington held by our own John Leech MP) is that Labour are becoming petrified of their own future.

Is it any wonder? Their line of defence is so precariously narrow and dependent on a confidence trick `It’s all global` that they must hope that their core vote are as thick as Caroline Flint.

At the weekend while delivering literature we saw them out frantically clutching clipboards (canvassing! the election’s this Thursday). I reported to my colleague that if you have to be that frantic at this point in a by-election you had better know that it’s close or simply nonchalantly shore up core vote and reserve your energies for another time.

Labour’s campaign has been rather desperately aggressive and a bit absurd – for instance they mention that `the Lib Dems have two councillors already – you’re chance to elect Labour as a third`. TOTALLY AND UTTERLY DESPERATE!

I wonder if they’d say the same thing about us in wards where they have three councillors!

Meanwhile the Conservatives have a candidate Mr David Bean – both metaphorically and literally. I think his mind is elsewhere as in their recent literature they have mis-spelt (sp!) a gardens and allotments that are two of the biggest issues in the campaign. Thus, Marie Louise Gardens becomes `Mary Louise Gardens` and Bradley Fold Allotments becomes `Bradley Field allotments`! If that wasn’t enough electors are urged to `feel free to contact me on any issue` in – SALFORD!

It’s like someone running for a ward in Hampstead saying `contact me in Hackney`.

Judging from the campaign Manchester politics is clearly a dogfight of pitbulls rather than the dobermans in Stockport.


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