Posted by: John | January 26, 2009

Are Labour falling under a bus?

I wonder if they’re becoming petrified of their futures.

I certainly wouldn’t like to be a Labour politician at this point.  Their poll ratings are sliding and they don’t know how to bring them back up.

The main point is that the bailouts and Brown’s positioning is a massive gamble not just for our Economy but also for Labour.

I still regard 2005 as the election at which Labour won in the last 48 hours by last minute Tory/Lib Dem switchers buoyed on by the fact Brown was on board with Blair and the Economy (gulp!) while others gave `goodbye kisses` ie some people who had benefitted directly like LGBT community and those `Sure Start mothers` etc. It was all based on a lie in some constituencies – for instance Labour leaflet in Stockport Constituency (where only Labour could win last time) saying `Don’t let the Tories in`.

So, I maintain they are `bricking it`. If people don’t buy the Brown meme on the Economy it’s `bye bye Brown and bye bye Labour` for a generation. They know this and sense that should this happen a whole swathe of voters from all backgrounds will stay at home or switch to Lib Dems/Tories.


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