Posted by: John | January 21, 2009

The `Nora Batty` syndrome

On OUTeverywhere there’s been a thread on the `All men are bastards` theme. There’s talk of the syndrome regarding dating in the 21st century – you know you go out a couple of times then it all goes quiet; or you try and fix a date and it’s all `well I don’t know about wednesday what about five minutes sometime next year`.

This led onto the hair-raising subject of monogamy (believe me you can cause havoc with that sort of thread on OUTeverywhere!) and the idea that `men will always cheat – those that state that they want monogamy are just trying to ensnare a partner and they will cheat – men need to be put on a short leash – just like Nora Batty did on `Last of the Summer Wine`!

My answer is `just say what you want from the start` and `don’t get like Nora Batty so you don’t need a short leash`.


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