Posted by: John | January 21, 2009

New Labour’s epitaph: Thatcherism with a huge sardonic smile

So it’s finally happening. What Vince Cable and others in our party have been predicting all along – the bubble’s burst and is causing economic horror for some ordinary working people (the very people that Tony Blair convinced to switch to him in ’97).

Seems that for those outside London and the SE a triple-whammy is developing. In a worst case scenario:

1. You lose your job

2. You find that in your expertise of work you have to move

3. No one wants to buy your house

4. You’re in negative equity

5. You sell at a lower rate (otherwise get repossessed)

6. Move to London say

7. Rent at a high price

8. With the credit crunch can’t buy anything as can’t save for a deposit

9. All the while you are hearing Gordon Brown saying `we will not leave anyone by the wayside`

10. It’s all cost thousands and you’re back to where you were in ’97.

That huge smile may well come to resemble the sinister sardonic one of `The Joker` from `The Dark Knight`!


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