Posted by: John | January 21, 2009

New Labour is dying

Slowly and surely it is skewering itself on the economic barbecue.

There are a lot of Liberal Democrats that say `It’s no good saying `we told you so` people are interested in how we go forward`. Well that’s true in a way – most people feel they would like to see some light at the end of the tunnel (remember that phrase from the `80s!).

When unemployment becomes Labour’s new Iraq and ordinary people face having to make complicated decisions about their own savings etc (ie do I invest in Gold for a few months etc etc) then new Labour will be rightly discredited and people will ask `How did we get here?` as a question to `How can we get out of this situation?`

It’s pretty clear that Labour have two main sets of supporters:

a) The core supporters made up of those that have benefited at the bottom and are still serviced by some sort of good representation in Parliament, at the Council level with an effective machine on the ground. Note: this is usually where there is no effective opposition presence; those that are taken in by `Old uncle Gordon Mr bountiful I’m here to save the World`; and

b) the well-off who are either `Labour till I die` or are plugged into the new Labour `system` or elite in the Public Services or Trade Unions etc. For these people it’s`either Labour or the Tories and we don’t want the Tories back and I want to keep my nice fat pension/job thankyou`.

c) Those that are simply not touched by our literature thus not touched by the competition of ideas.

The reason I say that history is important ie `How did we get here because I want to find the exit` is because to a lot of people new Labour is now seen as:

1. Dangerously incompetent with money, people that will blindly do anything as if political competition doesn’t exist

2. People that devised a political system that effectively made it imperative for ordinary working people to have to keep a day to day look at what new Labour’s rich friends were doing in the market.

3. People that also devised a system that benefited mostly the spivs and those that debauched into a soulless commodity a crucible of the democratic world – affordable housing for ordinary people

4. People who naively placed the future of our country in the hands of financiers and spivs yet calmly reassured us by a brand that they knew what they were doing with a superman


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