Posted by: John | January 21, 2009

A big question for London

As Liberal Democrats it’s as well to look into the future with our `blue skies thinking` minds.

I believe that the recession will bring aloft the subject of economic/political power in the UK. And it raises a really difficult question for any party.

I think there’ll be real ANGER out there when the recession really gets going when people realise that they’ll have to move to London – ie sell the house at a reduced rate and rent in London as there are no jobs in Leicester say. This is really happening for somone on OUTeverywhere.

The real question is: Will London give away some of its GDP to create a more level playing field in the UK? I can’t see any alternative can you? Is it prepared to move its Parliament say to a Midlands/Northern city? Is it prepared to lose some of its bubble to other regions.



  1. Problem with this argument is that lastest figures show that London does already ‘give away’ some of it’s GDP. It exports roughly £18billion a year.

    The reason London does this is because of the revenues generated by the finance houses based in the capital. Now they aren’t generating any revenue, there is no London GDP to export, not spare jobs to be had here.

  2. My problem is that the Government allows the status quo of allowing London to generate profits while the rest of the country is socialised with losses – very convenient a kind of political and economic paralysis. Seems that we don’t need London anymore to GUARANTEE the economy of the rest of us. The regions etc need less crumbs and more loaves to create a level playing field.

    I fail to understand why the Political, Cultural and Administrative centre should be in one place.

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