Posted by: John | January 18, 2009

From a `crush` to `bar crunch`

The OUTeverywhere movement is continuing apace (Social networking and meeting up of LGBT crowd) – the Central Manchester posse had 27 peeps there yesterday. Then on the offchance I again texted this guy I’ve had a crush on for months and known for years and would really would want to be a bf. We met and I’ve been hinting for ages – my friend Des from Chippenham was up in Manc so I invited him to the Rem (in Canal Street) too while we were drinking.

This guy I had a crush on left early and myself and Des went to meet his friends staying in the Aparthotel. Having never been there before I was struck by how nice it was.

Now I’ve never met his friend `D`usually while `dressed` as I usually know him/her as `Jill`. Jill was sharing the apartment with `Jane` who is going through the full op and they were discussing with Des the retreat they go to in Wales – not a real one but a cottage hired in some village. Des knew Jill from work.

After eating Des and I ploughed the usual haunts (Outpost and Rem) just the two of us before meeting Jill, Jane, `Kerry`, `Leighanne` and a host of other assembled from this sparkling tribe. One of them was very tall and glamorous – and a is a policeman as her alter ego! Nothing surprises me in these circles – and as they say `Expect the unexpected`.

In between this merriment texts were going back and forth to this friend of mine the `crush`. It turned out he was more interested in my friend Des who wasn’t interested in him. More texts later and today I said `sorry for that last night – I can’t help my feelings. No more of that.` He agreed and hopefully if it won’t be too painful for me to stay friends with him.

All the TVs/TSs and myself and Des ended up in the new bar `Credit Crunch` or `Crunch 2` (I kid you not) getting pissed.

Well, what’s done is done.

NY resolution to be added – be more direct if you like someone – don’t take years to tell them!


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