Posted by: John | January 17, 2009

We all live on a yellow submarine….

On `Saturday live` there was an intriguing item about life in a submarine. The most intriguing item for me was the fact that you were `newsless` for months apart from an allowance of 120 words a week from a named person.

This communique is checked by someone on the vessel in case it contains code.

Thus, knowing all this, and with the Royal Navy’s policy of equality I just wondered who I’d have as my `news lifeline` from the outside world as a single Gay man. For instance my Mum – yet news of Cranham life however wonderful would soon get a bit dull. There’s one of me best mates Andrew a straight guy who’d fill me in with all the local party gossip etc. What about one of my `bffs` – David whom i’ve known for 21 years could tell me about his South African and Glossop lovers AND what’s going on in the Party though he takes a rather intellectually fleeting interest rather than psephological.

It’d all be a conundrum – I don’t fit a mainstream pattern – never have done and I guess never will.

What would be most shocking though for this person that reads the communiques would be if I DID have a lover. I’d say `Don’t hold back!`


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