Posted by: John | January 16, 2009

Really bad signs on the economy

First, Willie Walsh, on QT last night saying the next  TWO years will be tough

Second, Robert Peston said `every company I talk to has either laid people off or is planning to`

For the `Labour helps the poor crowd` Unemployment can do for Labour what Iraq did with these people. It’s now a credibility race between Labour whose narratives are `It’s all global – we’re trying our best to help ordinary people through the downturn` and `Don’t let in the Tories – they’ll do nothing for you`. All the while of course ensuring they say nothing about us.

The Tories responses are `Labour are bankrupting us – it always happens Tories shovel up the dirt after Labour administrations` and `Don’t let them back in by the back door`. All the while of course ensuring they say nothing about us.

The truth is that the global crisis has exacerbated the British crisis – and if Gordon Brown’s so brilliant why didn’t he see either coming. Is he really thinking that it’s NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM – and that no HMT, FSA or other official told him or knew about the `sub-prime pyramid`? If so what is the point of Labour Governments? They know they’re on a tightrope – shall we climb that ladder and make it sway?

With the work I do on the Parties’ telephone operations the electorate in these `Labour heartlands` are crying out for a caring alternative that understands their predicaments. Where we don’t work it’s a resigned or robotic `Labour` – where we put on a tough fight and are audacious we are showing 40%+.


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