Posted by: John | January 16, 2009

Is it a bird, is it a plane…..

No it’s a Gay Super Man!

One now has to ask `How excited is Millennium Elephant’s Daddy Alex?`



  1. […] Liberal Revolution points us to this story about Stan Lee creating the “world’s first gay superhero.” […]

  2. Only the first?

    Surely you’ve seen Batman. And what about Batman or, errr, Batman. Surely not Batman.

  3. Did I forget to mention Superman (you wouldn’t guess I’m trying to avoid doing any real work this morning, would you).

  4. ‘Less than you’ would seem to be the answer, John 😉

    Even ignoring Costigan raising all the non-out ones, I remember a headline like that in the early ’90s, and many since. Seems it’s good for a headline, less for a memorable breakthrough…

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