Posted by: John | January 12, 2009

On Che, posses and Chinese!

Well I’ve had a good weekend all told – sorted one of my aims out – creating a social life for myself by being an instigator.

Friday I went to see Che:Part One – loved it. Well acted and gripping the two hours at once flew by and become all engrossing as you were wondering how the troop of about 30 men would create the revolution. Knowing the ending sort of helped – usually I guess that it’ll work out alright in the end yet because I knew the subsequent history I was agog at at how the pieces were joining up. A deeply unpopular government, an extremely ruthless tactician and political leader (Castro) and a supreme military commander (Che) and a whole lot of luck – all laid out before me in glorious colour.

Saturday saw me taking a coffee posse for OUTEverywhere (LGBT social networking site). People post an event on the site and people tick yes or no and you hope that those that ticked Definite or Probable will show up so you’re not on your own! Well 8 turned up one person lived around the corner! Three of these people were organists (no sniggering at the back!).

Sunday saw me meeting a very good friend and a couple for a meal as this friend is going off around the world at the ripe age of 45. He’s rented out the flat (can’t sell) and since he can’t find work thought to hell with it I’ve got the money I’m going. Only thing is it looks like I’m joining him in April for three weeks in China! I talked myself into it and I have to follow through – I’m like that me. It was just something struck a chord inside – I like this guy we get on and have been mates for five years let’s spend a bit of time together travelling. I love it so does he – hey presto!

So there you have it – social instigatorship coming along (I have posses coming up for Club Bollox, Manchester Art Gallery and the guys just begged me for another Stockport one). Now all I need to find are some real classical mates.

What’s left – oh, DTP, Word etc secretarial course and finding that job!


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