Posted by: John | January 12, 2009

Keep court proceedings `in camera`

Life is televised enough what with CCTV and reality TV shows without it debauching courts as well.

Courts are there primarily for the administration of justice between two parties. The idea of cameras in court to me is a step too far. If people are so interested in a case they can turn up in court and watch it live. Let’s face it most people aren’t that interested and those that have the `wrong impression` of the justice system will just change their arguments to suit what they’re seeing. After all if they were that bothered they would have taken a day off work to see for themselves!

No, having been a juror twice I know it would be best that in courts which can be very trying and nervous for those called to the witness stand that the added worry of televising it would be wrong.

The only caveat I would put on these views is that some cleared shots could be taken by Reuters say and distributed to the media at a convenient break or before proceedings.

The Party was right to reject the motion put at Conference – it should uphold these values by making it clear now that this is our policy.


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