Posted by: John | January 4, 2009

Race elephants in rooms!

Looking back at the US election the most astounding thing was the story that didn’t really surface and illustrated the real weakness of the Republican case.

The story is the casual accord that was drawn up between the two campaigns over Sarah Palin’s Pastor Muthee.

First, you’d think it would have been an open goal for the Obama campaign – `you say Bill Ayers, I say Pastor Muthee`. This reveals, to my mind, that the Obama campaign were worried that race would be the difference between winning and losing more than any other issue – indeed looking back I think the only way they thought they could lose would be turnout and race.

Thus you had right-wing commentators scratching their heads on why McCain wouldn’t raise the subject of Wright – it was simply because he knew the media outpouring on Muthee would have been crucifying! Why?

1. It would have revealed the ultra-christo-fascist nature of the deepest core of the Republican party.

2. It would have blown out of the water McCain’s judgement on the Palin pick

3. It could have provided mirth at McCain’s campaign and could have derailed the whole news cycle on Obama’s behalf

In the end it was only released on the `netroots` and as background civilian chatter (particularly on the Democrat side).

Review any McCain clip and you can see he was over-emphasising Ayers to appease both his own party and to nudge wink at Wright.


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