Posted by: John | December 31, 2008

The Tourism credibility gap

If 2008 was many things it also taught us the credibility gap between the shine that some countries use to pull in tourists/travellers and the actual reality on the ground. It’s all well and good for these countries to say `ah but you should have looked at the rules` – why then do they not put the rules on these websites.

Often politicians get it in the neck for `saying one thing and doing another` yet isn’t that true of most humans even in some small part – including some countries.

Should i travel to Kazakhstan say and NOT look up the customs etc then I would say it was my own fault as the Kazakh Government gives no real image to the outside world of hot beaches and pina coladas. Yet Gambia etc are often featured in holiday brochures as `great getaways` etc.

Dubai image

Dubai consequences no 1

Dubai consequences no 2

(the main point being that the legal system is so crap he had to be turned back 3 times)

Israel image

Israel consequences

Israel consequences 2

Israel consequences 3

Israel consequences 4

I could add my own little story of a British traveller who had to cut his journey short due to problems with my glasses breaking and had Bahraini stamps in his passport yet it would just pad out what i wrote in February this year.

And just this morning:

Gambia image

Gambia reality

I don’t know what these countries think they’re playing at – the bad publicity just shines a torch on to them and discourages tourism – or just brings in the `rebels` particularly younger men who dare themselves as a challenge.


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