Posted by: John | December 20, 2008

I’m depressed

… the state of our Party and the way whole parts of it doesn’t BELIEVE in winning (unlike it seems some great exceptions!)

… all the Christmas shopping that people do – and now I’m going to do my Claire from `Claire in the Community’ R4 prog – `oh, yah, it’s just so ban-aaaaa-l and last year yah`.

… the still INSTITUTIONALISED bias in the BBC against the Liberal Democrats and the fact that the elite in our Party aren’t willing to communicate what they’re doing about it or to work with the ordinary activist. If I have to hear another anti-lib dem joke on `The Now show` without the corresponding rules regarding exposure I’ll SCREAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM!

Still it was nice to see fellow OUTer and leafleter for Patsy and Mark Hunter, John C, for coffee wine and Mozart (gosh, Dennis Brain’s EMI recording of Mozies’ Horn Concerto is so RIGHT)

Off to an OUT posse soon and having houseguests for the night (now now Himmelgarten don’t get carried away they’re called Nicola and Dave)

So let’s put on the face and get out there and HAVE FUN!



  1. The Lib Dems spend 80% of their time attacking the Conservatives instead of this incompetent and corrupt government.
    The totally biased leftie bbc only supports the fat controller brown, and so use Libs to support their attack on Conservatives, which Clegg et al are only too willing to do.

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