Posted by: John | December 19, 2008

Economy as methadone?

I refer to the clear and consice blog of Peter Black.

So far so good – yet we are still left with the conundrum: If our over-attachment to things through spending is the drug – how do we administer the methadone to wean people off it?

Brown seems to want to give people a `perpetual high` that is neither sustainable nor healthy.

Cameron wants to cut off the supply except to a few of the dealers.

We seem to want to wean people off of it by changing behaviours to production and realism.

The real point is – what are the long-term models that the different parties want to operate?

New Labour have benefited the spivs, the `multiple buy-to-letters` and `let’s invest in property and leave the properties empty` brigade – now these people have lost their provider Labour are left with no option but being `uncle bountiful`.

Isn’t it funny that with so many targets in the public sector they don’t seem to have targets themselves for pulling us out of the recession?


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